Respecting privacy and to adhere to the Austrian Data protection law is utterly important to the operators of ITS Upper Austria. Therefore, all participating enterprises and organisations, which transmit floating car data (“FCD”) to ITS Upper Austria, are committed to sign a Data Licence Agreement. In this agreement, the contractor is committed to inform their employees about the anonymous collection of FCD and to obtain the approval of the Works Council.

Our concept of anonymization is based on the Austrian “Guide for protection of privacy in the areas of transport and mobility research“, which was published by the Austrian¬†Federal Ministry for Transport , Innovation and Technology¬†(BMVIT) in May 2011.

Received floating car data is held in a volatile memory. If the system detects the stop of a car, the last three driven past crossings of this car are determined. The driven route is then cropped before it is stored permanently. As a result, it is impossible to determine the destination address. The same algorithm is applied, if the system detects the start of a trip.